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Deer Minerals SiteYou decided a mineral site was good for your whitetail hunting property. Perhaps you mixed your own from a recipe you found on the Internet. Maybe you bought one of those mineral chunks that looks like a rock. Or maybe you bought one of those products that claim to be like a drug to deer. You put it out, waited and... nothing.

So what went wrong? Some people may tell you that it needed to be closer to where the deer already were. But, if you have to do that, what good does it do to attract deer that were already there? Maybe you, like others, wanted to attract deer from other properties, bring deer to a new place they weren't already visiting. So why didn't it work? Well, because the deer never found it. Deer do like salt and minerals, but when was the last time you smelled some salt? Did it attract you any distance? Of course not. What you need is an attractive aroma that travels in the air to where the deer are, and bring them to you. Something irresistible.

You have two choices. The first is to buy a mineral product that already contains a powerful attractant. One such product is Lucky 7 Trace Mineral Attractant, by Nelson Creek Outdoors. It contains a powerful food-based attractant and uses chemistry to get it into the air, where it can be carried by the wind to deer some distance away. It is very simple to use and absolutely effective.

Lucky 7 Whitetail Miracle AttractantBut what about your existing site? Is it doomed? Can I not use that mineral recipe from the Internet? Sure, you can. The minerals are there, you just need to bring in the deer by supercharging that existing site with a food-based scent and flavor no deer can resist: Lucky 7 - Whitetail Miracle, also by Nelson Creek Outdoors. Pour a small amount of this unique new attractant and flavoring on your mineral block or on the ground or stump and it will undoubtedly bring deer in to the site. Now the deer will know your minerals are there and will return again and again to get them. Get a lull in the action? That's nothing a small dose of Whitetail Miracle won't fix!

Whitetail Miracle is the most effective food-based attractant you can get. Created from scratch, it is not like any other scent you have used. It is a spicy, fruity, sweet smelling oil-based attractant specifically created to be EXACTLY what a deer would crave most. Not only does it make a stale mineral site into a whitetail magnet, it also is great for topping corn or deer pellets, or for just using on surrounding brush. Even the wariest buck won't resist this unparalleled new attractant as there is no flavor they crave more.

If your new mineral site product didn't live up to the hype, don't worry. You can not only salvage the site, you can make it a big buck hot spot. Just get some Whitetail Miracle at the Online Store and kick your mineral sites into high gear. Nelson Creek Outdoors - Experts In Attraction!

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